What is the plan? We hope to do a number of things:

  • Build a community. Largely spousal support payors, probably, but also anyone else who is interested in supporting the cause. Together, investigate possibilities for action. If we hear from enough people, we will start a mailing list and/or forum.
  • Raise media awareness. This includes editing and expanding upon the “manifesto,” tailoring it for media release, and perhaps making an “open letter” version for provincial and federal attorneys-general, MLAs and MPs, and other officials. We will be writing and submitting stories to major news organizations in order to raise public awareness. We would also like to add blog posts examining specific case law. Help would be appreciated.
  • Consider a lawsuit. Look at options, including a class action suit against the federal and/or provincial government(s) for lost income, damages, and violation of payors’ legal and Charter rights. Or support a test case.Perhaps a criminal lawyer? A specialist in contract law? Other ideas?
  • Change the law. Return Canadian divorce laws to sanity.